About TruFluency

In the vast sea of language learning platforms, TruFluency has carved out a niche for itself with a personalized approach to language acquisition. Unlike the one-size-fits-all methodology that often characterizes online language schools, TruFluency tailors each lesson to the individual learner's goals, level, and learning style. This level of customization is a standout feature that potential customers might find particularly compelling.

TruFluency's offerings are comprehensive, starting with an initial class that dives into the student's objectives to create a curriculum that's as unique as the learner. This is not just lip service; the company goes to lengths to match students with experienced language coaches who not only teach but also motivate and inspire. These coaches are described as "Fluency and Assimilation Coaches," a title that suggests a deeper commitment to language teaching than you might find elsewhere.

The company's founder, Micah Bellieu, started TruFluency out of a desire to provide a communication-focused learning experience different from her own when trying to communicate in a foreign country. This origin story might resonate with learners who have experienced the frustration of language barriers and are seeking a solution that offers more than just textbook learning.

TruFluency's platform is also user-friendly, offering flexibility in scheduling and lesson planning, which is a boon for busy individuals or those juggling multiple commitments. The trial class at a nominal fee allows for a low-risk introduction to their services, which could be a deciding factor for those on the fence about committing to a language course.

The company's blog is an additional resource that provides insights into language learning, cultural nuances, and practical tips. This informative content can be a valuable tool for learners and demonstrates TruFluency's commitment to supporting its students beyond the virtual classroom.

While TruFluency seems to provide a robust and tailored learning experience, it's important to note that the effectiveness of such a personalized approach can vary from student to student. The platform's success will largely depend on the individual learner's dedication, as well as the chemistry between the student and the coach.

In the competitive Portuguese Tutors industry, TruFluency distinguishes itself with its focus on personalization, experienced language coaches, and a founder with a clear vision based on her own language challenges. For those seeking a structured yet flexible language learning journey with a personal touch, TruFluency could be a worthy consideration. However, it's important for potential customers to assess their learning preferences and needs to ensure TruFluency aligns with their language learning goals.

Products and Services

TruFluency offers personalized and flexible online language learning experiences with native-speaking coaches, providing one-on-one tutoring across various packages to cater to the diverse needs of learners seeking to improve their fluency through customized lessons and practical application.

Trial Language Class

A 2-hour trial language class with a language coach, priced at $49, with no obligations attached, to give a preview of the language learning process with TruFluency.

Customized Online Language Classes

Personalized language lessons tailored to individual needs and goals, with a curriculum designed for each student's unique language learning journey.

Private Language Tutors

Experienced language coaches provide one-on-one sessions to help with business email writing, advanced vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms, and more for beginner to advanced learners.

Language Packages

Various package options such as 4-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour bundles for immersive language learning sessions with flexible scheduling.


  • Personalized language coaching tailored to individual needs

  • Business language training for professional communication

  • Caters to all learning levels with a focus on fluency and cultural relevance

  • Offers a trial class to assess teaching style and methodology


  • Lack of a self-paced learning option for those who prefer independent study

Getting Started

TruFluency offers personalized language coaching services after you sign up. They provide a trial class to give you a sense of their teaching style. Expect lessons customized to your goals, whether it's business language training or mastering conversational skills. To start your language learning journey with TruFluency, go to their website and book a trial class. If TruFluency doesn’t match your needs, feel free to browse through the rest of our rankings for different options.