About Street Smart Brazil

Street Smart Brazil emerges as a distinctive player in the Portuguese Tutors space with its personalized approach to language learning. Operating since 2008, the company has honed a method that resonates with students who value a tailored experience in their educational journey.

Through one-on-one lessons conducted via video meetings, learners engage with native Brazilian Portuguese speakers who are also fluent in English, ensuring lessons are not only linguistically robust but also culturally rich.

The company's founder, Luciana, brings a passionate ethos to Street Smart Brazil, with a teaching background that includes prestigious institutions like the University of California, Berkeley. This level of expertise is a testament to the quality of education students can expect. The tutors are well-trained, which is a critical factor for learners seeking to deep dive into the nuances of Brazilian Portuguese and the country's vibrant culture.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of Street Smart Brazil's offering. The ability to control one's schedule and learn at a comfortable pace is invaluable for busy professionals, students, or anyone balancing multiple commitments. This flexibility extends to their course offerings, which include everything from beginner lessons to Celpe-Bras preparation classes – Brazil's official proficiency exam for Portuguese.

The company's website is straightforward, making it easy for potential students to understand the services offered, the costs involved, and how to get started with a trial lesson. This transparency is crucial in helping customers make informed decisions without the fear of hidden fees or commitments. The trial lesson itself is a standout feature, allowing individuals to dip their toes in the water before diving fully into the language learning experience.

Street Smart Brazil's cultural immersion through language is a unique selling proposition. The notion that language isn't just about words and grammar but also about "navigating the Brazilian culture with confidence" is compelling for those looking to travel, work, or form deeper connections with Brazil.

However, while the company's personal touch and experienced tutors are a draw, the ranking of 2 out of 10 mentioned in the data might raise eyebrows for some potential customers. It's not clear what this ranking refers to, but it might suggest areas for improvement or reflect a specific aspect of the service. It's important for prospective students to inquire and understand the context of this rating, as it contrasts with the otherwise positive testimonials and the founder's strong background.

In conclusion, Street Smart Brazil stands out for its personalized, culturally immersive approach to teaching Portuguese. Its commitment to flexibility, combined with the expertise of its tutors, makes it an appealing option for those looking to learn Brazilian Portuguese in a manner that fits their lifestyle. While it's important for potential customers to seek clarity on the ranking mentioned, the overall proposition of Street Smart Brazil is compelling, especially for those who value a tailored and culturally integrated learning experience.

Products and Services

Street Smart Brazil offers personalized and flexible one-on-one Portuguese language instruction through video meetings, including trial sessions, subscription packages, customized lesson plans, and specialized Celpe-Bras certification preparation, all designed to help students of varying levels speak Portuguese with ease and confidence.

Trial Lesson

A low-cost trial Portuguese lesson that allows the tutor to assess student goals and skills for personalized course development.

One-on-One Portuguese Lessons via Video Meetings - Subscription

Personalized Portuguese lessons via video meetings with flexible scheduling and tailored to student's pace.

One-on-One Portuguese Lessons via Video Meetings - Packages

Package offerings for private Portuguese lessons that can be scheduled online for convenience and adaptability.

Celpe-Bras Prep Classes with Street Smart Brazil

Specialized preparation classes for the Celpe-Bras, the Brazilian Portuguese proficiency certification recognized internationally.


  • Specializes in Brazilian Portuguese with a diverse range of lessons

  • Caters to various learning interests with lessons on literature and cultural aspects

  • Offers lessons on expressing common emotions and idiomatic expressions in Portuguese

  • Provides one-on-one lessons via video meetings for a flexible learning environment


  • The website does not provide detailed information on pricing and package options

Getting Started

Upon signing up with Street Smart Brazil, you can book a trial lesson which serves as a placement test and introduction to their teaching methods. The one-on-one lessons are conducted via video meetings, offering convenience and flexibility. The platform is tailored to help you speak conversational Portuguese at your pace and based on your personal goals. To begin, navigate to the Street Smart Brazil website and book your trial lesson. If you're still exploring options, you can check out the rest of our rankings for other services.